Halfway Through!

Just in case you've got no idea what it is that I'm actually halfway through, allow me to explain. On the 1st January this year I began the arduous task of writing and recording one new song every week for a whole year, releasing each new song as a free download here at Aidy.com every Friday. Song 26 has now been and gone, and I haven't missed a single week yet, so I'm extremely pleased with myself! The original motive for starting the project has started to blur slightly and I'm now not sure if I'm doing as some kind of creative challenge, a marketing ploy or possibly as obsessive, compulsive endeavor, recently it feels a lot like the latter. The lyrics have got weirder and weirder along with the titles themselves, but none the less I've made it through fifty percent of the project and I'm still motivated enough to see the whole thing through to the bitter end. It's not always pretty, and I've definitely put out a few tracks I'm not that keen on, but on the whole I'm really happy with what I've achieved and I've added some great new songs to my repertoire, which I wouldn't have written had it not been for the project. I'd liken the whole thing to a weekly comic strip like Dilbert, the content's always there waiting for you, it's not always Shakespeare but it's entertaining, quirky and every so often you might just find something that strikes a chord.